About Us

We are working on streamlining clinical trials, which is the biggest problem in drug development. We wonder why we haven't cured cancer or rare diseases, while our progress in medicine is based on the fact that drugs take 10+ years to pass trials. However, the industry is poised to change with most trials now being conducted by emerging biopharma who have the science of moonshot pharmaceutics, yet lack the capabilities to run trials efficiently. We want to be the infrastructure to execute fast trials for those companies with systematic approaches, paving the way to a cure for cancer and moonshot medical innovations.

At Biogenesis, our mission is to set to pivot towards a new paradigm of drug development, which is that of decentralization, automation, and unprecedented speed. These three pillars will create an environment where scientists are liberated from time-consuming logistics to harness their creative potential fully. The moonshot is to be the supporting infrastructure for the cure for cancer, for which we will need a personalized approach. That will only be possible if scientists would be able to fully focus on the science, not the multifaceted complexities that often slow research progression.

The future of drug development, as we see it, is one where the execution of groundbreaking ideas and clinical trials isn't mired in paperwork or logistical hurdles, but instead is propelled by sophisticated, autonomous systems. This would allow for only one person to run trials end-to-end. The future of drug development rests on this revolutionary Drug Research as a Service (DRaaS) model, powered by artificial intelligence, novel systems, and largely free from human intervention.


Martin Michalko

Cofounder, CEO

Will Blair

Cofounder, COO

Dietrich Stephan

Chairman, Board of Directors



Automating clinical trials is an interdisciplinary challenge. We are looking to hire a wide range of people with diverse

engineering, scientific, and operations expertise.

Founding team roles are open!